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Awakened Teacher & Parent Education Training

Mindful,Consious, & Ecological Learning

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Our somtic tearcher & parenting education training is founded in the The Awakened Method.

We’ll explore the 7 developmental identities and how to hold authentic space, by exploring storylines through resourcing for safety within the body, emotion, autonomy, individuation, vision, creating, and freedom.
Early Childhood Developmental Pathway

Module 1 – The Physical Identity womb-12months

Module 2 – The Emotional Identity 6mo-2yrs

Module 3 – The Ego Identity 18mo-4yrs

Module 4 – The Social Identity 4-7yrs

Module 5 – The Creative Identity 7-12yrs

Module 6 – The Archetypal Identity Adolescent

Module 7 – The Universal Identity Adulthood


Completing the Awakened Method Foundation Training will give you access to the apprenticeship programs that include assisting in  Co-op Playgroups, Awakened Parent & Child Processing Groups, offering your own Awakened Co-op Playgroups with supervision, co-facilitating Awakened Parenting Education and Foundational Trainings, participating in online supervision groups, attending Awakened private sessions and possibly becoming a trainer in the field. 

After completing an apprenticeship, you will be a Certified Awakened Somatic Teacher & Parent Educator.

You will be able to:

  • Teach with a focus on preschool, 7-12,  or 13-18.

  • Facilitate an Awakened Parent & Child Processing Group (Ages 7-12)

  • Facilitate an Awakened Parent & Child Processing Group (Adolescents)

  • Facilitate Awakened Parenting Education

  • Facilitate Private Awakened Family Dynamic Sessions

New Corherts Starting Fall of 2023

Join a movement that is shifting the healing culture into the 21st century.

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