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Pullets Pathway

Homeschool, Enrichment, & Summer Camps  Ages 7-12yrs


Our Homeschool Program

Mindful, Conscious, and Ecological Learning


Embodied Living Curriculum:
Anthropology; physical, ethnology, cultural, linguistic
Holistic Human Nutrition
Spiritual Science
Sacred Geometry

Embodied Physiology
Embodied Anatomy
Regenerative engineering
Alternative Building

Flim; documentary making, short films

Art; Mix media, pottery


We Have Monthly Field Trips & 2 Camping Outings a Year!

Our homeschool program is for families seeking a fully integrated alterative educational experience for their children. Spirit of Play is an experiential program for learning through the lens of nature and takes the place of traditional online homeschooling or a traditional school.

We hold space with the understanding that the body comes first and is not separate from its environment. The body is recognized as a source of knowledge, empowerment over dominant culture, evolving empathy, and honoring diversity. Our pathway is embodied in which a holistic approach to curriculum development, facilitating, learning, and research brings the body back into experiential practice (education).

Spirit of Play is based on a biomimicry design, a pathway grounded in systems that reflect the patterns and principles in community ecology. This approach is the most resilient and stable system known to us. Ecosystems are self-replicating, self-propagating, and self-maintaining, increase in complexity and resiliency over time, and use resources effectively by cycling them through tens of thousands of interactions. Every organism depends on countless others and, in turn, relies upon the whole. Therefore, the goal of education is not the acquisition of knowledge but the intertwining of experiences. The experience held in trust allows children to truly individuate and move out into the world with a sense of self.


Our pathways aim to create communities rooted in empathy, compassion, healing, interconnection, altruism, and creative problem-solving. We combine previously disconnected concepts into new circumstances, bringing back supported lived experiences into the community, evolving caring and courageous kids.

Each 13-week session draws from a topic, and each child coordinates with a facilitator to create a pathway of interest. Through this pathway of interest, children explore an embodied living curriculum framework. Children will present a creative project expressing their lived experiences at the end of each session, a learning pathway.  Each child will intertwine fundamentals; math, science, and literature, which most parents are concerned with, but in a way, they get to embody and make authentic changes for our future. When children learn in a somatic experiential way, they listen to the body's intelligence, and the body never steers us from our higher potential for self, others, or our environment.

School Year 2023-2024

Age: 7-12yrs

Group size: 12-15

Time: 9:30-1:30

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Fee: $350 monthly

For more information and orientation days, please send an inquiry.

Enrichment Programs on the Farm

Holding space for meaningful collaboration and creative problem-solving, our farm is the classroom for the next generation.

The Ecology Center is a supportive enrichment experience for homeschoolers or children in traditional schooling for children K to 6. Spirit of Play is a somatic experiential program for learning through the lens of nature, designed for families searching for a holistic framework for their child's education.


Each 10/13-week session draws upon the sessions on the farm. Children will get hands-on experience during each session, nature being the guide.  The afternoons will be filled with wild harvesting and learning the principles of horticulture, permaculture, and polyculture farming. We can't forget the fun projects children will explore through alternative building and medicine making. Children will have plenty of time for self-exploration through archery, meditation, and movement.

Biodynamic Farming
Animal Husbandry
Cobb Building
Wild Harvesting
Wood Working
Mediation & Movement


boy feeding goat.jpg

We Have Field Trips!

Seasonal Sessions

Age: 7-12yrs

Group size: 12-15

Time: 12:00-3:30

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Monthly Fee:  2 days $240  or 3 days  $350 

Session 2023-2024

Fall Dates: September 11-December 15

Winter Dates: January 8-March 11

Spring Dates: March 18-May 20

Summer Camps 2023

Come join day and overnight camps where kids explore and connect.

Ages 7-12 yrs



Weekly $150

Our nature-based camps offer children the benefit of structure, stimulation, and socialization--without the harsh drawbacks of unhealthy buildings, processed food, and social models designed for the industrial age. Our students gain a sense of themselves as individuals with a conscious awareness of the whole and a sense of how that wholeness impacts our collective well-being. We focus on the basics: creativity, music, movement, mindfulness, healthy self-care, gardening, compassionate communication, community building, and earth stewardship.


In addition to fresh air, sunshine, and space to run and play, being out in nature supports the development of healthy immune and nervous systems, endocrine function, and cognitive function. When we connect to nature, we connect to ourselves.  For example, we don't just have a snack. We harvest organic fruits and vegetables from the food forest we forage daily. Then we wash them, prepare them, and serve them family-style on a large deck. We build an understanding of the entire life-cycle of food and how it works with our bodies to nourish and sustain us. When we finish, we clean up after ourselves and compost any food that remains.


Our mission is to support the natural magic of childhood so children grow up thriving. A vibrant, sustainable society starts one child at a time!


Mindful & Local Ecology
July 8-12

Our day is spent exploring the connection between thoughts, beliefs, and our local environment. This brings an understanding of the interconnection between humans and the environment. Ecology studies the relationships between living organisms; it seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and the world around them. Ecology also provides information about the benefits of ecosystems and how we can use Earth’s resources to leave the environment healthy for future generations.


Mindful Body & Soil Ecology
July 15-19

The microbiome is a big word today and one of the most important. The health of our microbiome is a reflection of the soil's health. The importance of the gut and the soil microbiomes as determinants of human and ecosystem health, respectively, is gaining rapid recognition in the medical and ecological literature. This suggests a wealth of highly transferable knowledge about the microbial ecology of human and non-human ecosystems. Kids will learn the importance of the soil microbiome and how it affects human health.


Mindful Emotions & Water Ecology
July 22-26

Emotions are part of being human, and when we allow them to flow, just like water,  we build a healthy relationship with them. Like water, our emotions are essential to our earth, bodies, and lives. Kids will go deeper into understanding this concept and connection while engaging in creative and fun activities. We will explore Dr. Emoto's theories that water can respond to human emotions, thoughts, words, and written messages. This explains how our words affect ourselves, others, and the community.




Mindful Heart & Energy Ecology
July 29-Aug 2

The heart and its energy keep us moving, breathing, and playing. During this dynamic week of camp, kids will explore the heart's energy field and its interconnection with their environment.  Did you know that the heart energy field reaches out about two feet or more from your heart space? Kids will explore the many living organisms and their energy fields as well, which opens a wonderful dialogue and deepens awareness

kids talking in support.jpg

Mindful Communication & Climate Ecology
Aug 5-9
(Day or Overnight)

Just like Mother Nature uses her voice clearly in our present moment--droughts, floods, and fires--our future Culture Creatives can use their voices for a healthier relationship with Her based on interdependence, stewardship, and respect. The importance of kids finding passion in Mother Earth and understanding the interconnection cannot be overstated. It is going to be what shifts our current moment in time.

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