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Teen Programs

Enrichment, Apprenticeships, & Volunteering

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Holding space for meaningful collaboration and creative problem-solving, our farm is the classroom for the next generation.

The Ecology Center is a supportive homeschooling enrichment experience for teens. Spirit of Play is an experiential program for learning through the lens of nature, designed for families searching for a holistic framework for their teen's education.

Each 10-week session draws from a topic, and each teen coordinates with a facilitator to create a pathway of interest. Through this pathway of interest, teens explore an embodied living curriculum framework. Teens will present a creative project expressing their lived experiences at the end of each session, a learning pathway.  Each teen will intertwine fundamentals most parents are concerned with, but in a way, they get to embody and make authentic changes for our future. When children learn in a somatic experiential way, they listen to the body's intelligence, and the body never steers us from our higher potential for self, others, or our environment.

Embodied Living Curriculum For Teens:
Anthropology; physical, ethnology, psychological, cultural, medical, linguistic
Holistic Human Nutrition
Spiritual Science
Sacred Geometry
Spiritual Human Development
Embodied Physiology
Embodied Anatomy
Quantum Physics
Somatic & Spiritual Psychology
Regenerative engineering
Alternative Building
Sound Healing
Flim; documentary making, short films
Art; Mix media, pottery,


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We Have Field Trips!

Seasonal Sessions

Age: Teens

Group size: 15-20

Time: 12:00-3:30

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

10-Week Session Fee: 2 days $460  or 3 days  $650 

Session 2023-2024

Fall Dates: September 11-November 13

Winter Dates: February 8-March 11

Spring Dates: March 18-May 20

 By observing, sensing, and listening to the land, we develop intimate relationships with our unique farm organisms and expand our capacities for perception, reflection, and imagination in life. 



Polyculture Farming Apprenticeship

Want to get a hands-on, practical learning experience in environmentally and economically sustainable farming? Come work alongside our farmers who are innovative, forward-thinking, and working to mitigate the lack of biodiversity in the local environment.   The Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm is excited to offer a youth apprenticeship in regenerative farming.


Herbalist Apprenticeship

Want to learn about the energy-body of plants and how they can heal us? Work with the herbs from seed to medicine to form a strong, personal working relationship with each plant. Under a mentor, you will learn harvesting, processing, and medical techniques. Come learn the magic of plant medicine with us!

Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship

Do you enjoy children? Thinking of becoming a preschool teacher? Our mindful, conscious, and ecological teacher apprenticeship goes beyond the classroom.  The program opens the door to holding space and getting life experience working with children.

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